What does the Brentwood Group do?
Brentwood has had experience in all facets of the real estate industry. We specialize in marketing and consulting for builders and lenders who need assistance in asset management. We have the ability to assist in the marketing and sales of any product; whether it’s raw ground, partially completed sites, or final product. We can help!
How can Brentwood help us?
Historically Brentwood has helped builders, lenders, and investors get through any real estate related matter. The Brentwood Group can help you with any stage of the approval, building, or sales process. Our diverse team of experts has over 2 centuries of combined experience managing real estate assets. From preliminary approvals, to the final product Brentwood has the expertise to help move product and reduce inventory.
Where will Brentwood be in the next three to five years?
The Brentwood Group has positioned itself to minimize its inventory and overhead in order to stay lean in this ever-changing economy. Brentwood has been working in real estate asset management prior to the recession and will continue working in this field post recession. We are not a failed builder; our expertise is in helping you solve your problems.
How long has Brentwood been working in Real Estate?
Doug Sanders has personally been working in the real estate industry for over 39 years! From developing ground to building the final product, Doug has had experience in every facet of the real estate industry, including marketing and sales.
What does Brentwood have expertise in?
Brentwood has currently formed partnerships with a wide spectrum of experts in every major aspect of the building and development community. The company has positioned itself with little overhead, but has maximum proficiency in any real estate related matter. Our team includes, but is not limited to, a top-shelf architect, a site improvement and dedication specialist, experts in due diligence, rehabilitation, construction management, market analysis and evaluation, land planning, service and warranty management, budget analysis, sales, marketing, ad design, electronic flyers, brochures, and billboards.